“Interwoven Stories“  – Knitting Group with Engage the City

June – July 2018, Walkinstown Library

In June and July 2017 I joined the local Knitting Group in Walkinstown Library for  fun-filled evenings of crafting. During the evenings we explored small scale tapestry weaving. Each person was encouraged to weave their own stories within their tapestries using materials that hold memories.

During our sessions in the Walkinstown Library we started to explore a new technique, new materials and also the ability to reuse material in a creative way. Everybody brought in their own personal material to transform and weave their stories with.

“There’s a lot of history in those pieces of fabric“

The group aged 6 to 60+ enjoyed the process very much “learning new skills and exploring materials in an unexpected way“. Like the use of chocolate box ribbons, wool scraps, bells and beads. “Don’t want to stop“ was one of the sayings in the final class!

“It was great to see people bring in materials and transform them and experience how transformation is possible. We took this as an opportunity to look at their community and shared these thoughts through paper tassels on the tapestries. By attaching beads and bells to the tapestries we have given these pieces a sound and a voice themselves.“

The pieces contained everything from scraps of fabric from old costumes, netting from the onions that went into last Sunday’s family dinner, old t-shirts from the children that have grown up and even pieces of a wedding veil. With each piece of fabric telling a story, the tapestries are insights into the lives of the women we have worked with and each one just as vibrant, colourful and full of life as the woman or girl who made it. Entitled ‘Interwoven Stories’, these tapestries were put on display at the entrance to Walkinstown Library to showcase and celebrate the work created by the group. They stand as a beautiful representation of life in Walkinstown!