“Interwoven Stories“ – Daughters of Charity “Connect“ group with Engage the City

October 2017, Cabra Library

We had three colourful afternoons of creativity with the Daughters of Charity “Connect group in Cabra Library. As the time of the year drew up to Halloween lots of costume ideas and plans for parties were shared while being immersed in the process of weaving.

Colour was a huge favourite for this group of adults with learning disabilities. We started off by picking colours and sharing what we liked about the colour. Pink was very popular with all especially Aaron and Sarah-Jane.

“Pink makes me happy”

Everyone of them brought in items from home to include into the tapestries such as favourite sweet wrappers, pizza boxes and images from One Direction. All of them were included in the final tapestries and each one turned out as unique as the person that made it. This is also reflected in their names for their art works:  ‘Mosaic’, ‘One Direction’ and ‘Barbie’. Their joy in making shines through their work!