“Interwoven Stories“ – Dublin Fleamarket Demo with Engage the City

January 28th, New Market Square

To bring my project ‘Interwoven Stories’ to a wider audience I set up a stall that Fleamarket in January. My aim was to hear peoples opinion about weaving-  a technique that is used for a lot of our clothing and materials in the home and that has such strong cultural roots in Ireland.

Weaving is very accessible with a few household items you can make a loom and weave with almost anything. Most of the samples included an element of reuse or recycling. I used an old picture frame as a weaving loom, weaving with old bed sheets or fruit nets, or cables.

It was a joy to connect with such a diverse group of people from kids to students to seniors. Once man actually pointed out that the New Market Square used to be a very busy weaving area and how matching it was for me to have this stall here. People were intrigued about the different projects and some of them brought back childhood memories of craft projects.

“I love sowing and weaving, because it calms me down. When I am very angry or sad, I do some sowing and that makes me feel better.“

This statement of Jasper just amazed me. Most kids  loved exploring the technique of weaving and getting lost in it. The level of openness people shared their personal stories with me and contributed to “Interwoven Stories” was amazing.

Other quotes of the day:

“It is nice to see people making things.“
“People should put away their phone some more and do things like that. With their hands.“
“I always wanted to try weaving.“