I am drawn to lines and delicate details within my jewellery. ‘Loops & Luft’ is a new and exciting crochet jewellery collection combining and old craft with a fresh and modern aesthetic. The ‘Aeris’ collection explores copper and silk and was developed during my studies at Grennan Mill Craft College.

Loops & Luft

Lightness, airiness, lacelike are just some ways to describe this collection ‘Loops & Luft’. Starting from 13 loops on a crochet hook, it developed to a full jewellery collection exploring the old craft of crochet in a modern jewellery setting. Luft means air in German.



Hand-dyed batiked silk is carefully wrapped around copper cylinders and secured using delicate thread. The process of tying the silk/cotton yarn captures a moment in time like a soft blurry glimpse of flowers, sunsets or colour.  The textured series is harsher, icier, more raw and contrasts the softness of the silk pendants.

All pieces have been coated carefully, however copper is a reactive metal and will develop its own unique patina over time.